The perfect illusion is our profession…



… and we are glad, that you want to know more about it …

Coming from different corners of Europe, we all met in Berlin, where our headquarter is situated since 2012.
We are a group of textile artists, prop makers & set designer, that gained their expertise from specific education as well as years of work in the business. Each of our special talents enriches our producing and we are continuously benefiting from one another.
We keep being individuals, but do want to offer you the possibility to make the right choice for your requirment.
Feel free to contact us via „All Artisans“ and we will put together the perfect team for your needs. Or get in touch with each one of us personally, to request more information.
On our website we mainly showcase our work in feature films, but do also want to give you the possibility the have a look on our independent projects, to get to know us a little better…