Haircut [2011]


 produced by_Gillian Wood & Malte Behrmann – Jolly Hockeysticks

director_Gillian Wood
animation_Maurice Croissier


10 min – 2011 – UK/Germany

A young woman has a haircut. When she leaves the salon, the new haircut causes mayhem in the streets.

“I was sitting on the underground train and opposite me was a young woman. Her hair was piled up on top of her head, it was such a huge pile of hair that I thought it looked like a separate living thing, like an animal. Then I thought about how long hair is part of your past, growing with you for so long and getting a haircut is like chopping off the past, but the past is never really ‘gone’. The story for ‘Haircut’ came out of this and I thought it would be suitable for a short film, and something ordinary and everyday but with a magical element.”

Gillian Wood

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